Alpha 0.3.1

New Character!





  • New Gameplay Mechanic
    • Fucking a client takes time
    • Fuck the clients in a strategic way to reduce the amount of time wasted
    • The more girls you have, the faster the game becomes
  • All clients have higher rewards to make up for the amount of time it takes to fuck them
  • First house upgrade is 2000 gold
  • Second house upgrade is 6000 gold
  • Mila has a 40% chance (Previously 20%) to trigger her passive
  • Scarlett has a 40% chance (Previous 10%) to trigger her passive
  • Gold Bonus changed to 1.10
  • Krystal has a new passive
  • Krystal has a 70% chance to gain 1 stamina after fucking the client
  • Item drops
  • Clients have a chance to drop an item after fucking
  • Notification Animations
  • Action font color is yellow, NPC dialogue font color is white
  • Removed brothel scenes
  • The amount of time needed to add a scene for every client and girl would take too much time
  • Removing the scene altogether will save one useless click
  • Sex scenes will only be used in Quests until an appropriate artist is hired to work on sex scenes
  • You can use the TAB key to switch to the next girl in the house and brothel menus
  • Items stack

Bug Fixes

  • Map arrows popping up after Krystal unlock

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Mar 23, 2018

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