What is Queen's Brothel?

Queen's Brothel is an ambitious project led by a team who believes in telling beautiful and fun stories. Queen's Brothel has many playable characters, each with their own individual goals and aspirations that players can relate to. Join Queen as she travels into foreign land to start her own business, a brothel.

Current State of the Game:

  • High quality sex animations
  • 100+ Unique sex images
  • RPG-like mechanics where you level up body parts instead of standard combat stats
  • Many outfits for the girls to wear
  • Modding capabilities

Queen's Brothel's main fetish is free use, where the girls don't mind people using their bodies. Other notable fetishes include:

  • Bukkake
  • Bored / Ignored
  • Gang bangs
  • Futanari
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(1,588 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Visual Novel
Made withGodot
TagsAction RPG, Adult, brothel, Erotic, Management, NSFW, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button
LinksSteam, Homepage, Patreon, Twitter


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Windows - Demo 172 MB
Version 1.7.4
MacOS - Demo 192 MB
Version 1.7.4
Linux - Demo 174 MB
Version 1.7.4
Android - Demo 194 MB
Version 1.7.4
Windows 172 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more
Version 1.7.4
MacOS 193 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more
Version 1.7.4
Linux 174 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more
Version 1.7.4
Android 194 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more
Version 1.7.4

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Nice demo we waiting for a final version of this game.


Is it possible to play the older version? I will play the newer ones too, but i liked the 1.0.0 too which weren't as hard.

A ideia do gameplay mode é genial

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3 months since last updated, looking like devs are about to finish as in finished working

its still being worked on pretty sure


Trying to play this in browser on Android. The loading bar fills but then it just gets stuck on the spinning wheel.

I have the same problem is there any solution?


Use Google Chrome


thank you you are a lifesaver

Alguém me ajuda por favor

Quando eu cheguei na parte dos orcs a tradução em português parau do nada, não sei se e bug, ou e por que está inacabado,se poderem me responder ficarei muito crato, por que eu realmente tava gostando da história.

Where do you put the mods in the Android version?

the fights should be more like dokkan battle fr (i love candy crush)


Overall: 9.5/10

Story:  9 Very in depth with many characters.

Graphics: 8  graphics are good and suits the story.

Action : 10 All you could ever want, combat is great.

P.S: Suki is best.

Please help I want to add outfit mode but I couldn't find way to add it, even i tried to add mode thorough the files but, there is no file. I can add but if I found place. But no file do appear unlike one that's empty. (Android) :'(

74 days 😭... and I'm still stuck on what 'bullock-look-looker-on-in' means 🤷‍♂️

I know this isnt the Q&A form, but will the animations ever get looked at again? There is a definite gradient I feel between the later characters having more polished animations (not to say that the current ones arent a great job)

In any case, merry christmas to everyone - I definetely recommend the 'premium' version of this game if you were indecisive - as a gift to yourself (especially during the winter sale)

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for an adult game with sexual content, i know as a supporter for over a year its well past time and the animations NEED re made.... otherwise i think this game is finished and dead now. i remember clearly bringing this up ages ago as well as a comment i made here 2 weeks ago AGAIN


is all the side quests all together longer than the whole game?


Not at this particular moment, but it should be once we are fully released.

Deleted 77 days ago
Deleted 77 days ago

it would be really nice if different species didn't all share the exact same animation 

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Hey! I'm almost sure I remember the game having slightly different stamina/progress mechanics... If possible, could you tell me the rationale behind the change and/or point me to the last version with the old system? I'm developing something similar and wanted to get a feel for both as reference. Thank you for your time! Love the game :>


Help! When trying to download the Windows-Demo version, it stops more than halfway before failing. The failing message states : "File wasn't available on site". Thanks.

Hmmm, that's a little strange 🤔

Are you using Chrome?



What is the difference between the demo and the paid version?

Paid has more quests + end game content. Free version is just the main story quest

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Nice work, great improvements since early versions, impressive!
Although, I have a few suggestions. When we start that quest about succubus Lilith, we go to sleep and travel to hell immediately. But if character's level is too low, we'll probably lose and return to brothel. So we need to lvl up, but every day after "work" we must recover through sleep, and every time we go to sleep we forced to continue this quest. It's annoying. Maybe you could make a separate buttons for sleep and for quest start?

(2 edits)

Also I think there are some ballance issues. Suki and Natasha are basically useless in party. Four of the girls each have their own speciality, and Esxea is a multitask generic aoe girl. But unlike the others, Suki's pussy stats are too low, even lower than Esxea's stats at the same level, so I could just use Esxea for a "front job". I mean, you could rise Suki's pussy stats a little, so it will be equal to Queen's throat, for example.
As for Natasha, her stats are just too low, as expected, but in return she should have impressive magic skills, maybe even applicable to the whole party. But she doesn't have it. The only purpose of her skills is to temporarily increase her own low stats, so why use her in the first place? I just think that her magic skills should be reworked and improved. Hope I didn't upset you ;)


Suki carries and you forgot to account for her pussy abilities.

She's a god damn Vagician!


Bought this one steam to help support your work ,o./ Hope the best for ya & have a good one DP


Cheers brother man


Played through this game for free and loved it so much i bought the paid version on steam - highly reccomend. Very funny dialogue and surprisingly good writing (especially on the side quests). one thing that irks me about side quests, however, is that i cant seem to figure out a puzzle in the elf one!

I got the frigid small fish appendage pretty quick as Acetaminophen, but for the life of me after 30 minutes of searching chemical and poison databases i cannot figure out what bullock-look-looker-on-in as a rat poison means!

any hints? 🥺

Great game, well done DPmaker and gang

Hm. "Bullock-look" could be oxy-something ("ox see"), but I don't see any that start with that.  Or it could just be "cow," but Coumarin is too short for the rest of it unless "mar" can cover "look-looker-on" somehow. (I considered trying to fit "cow mate" into Coumatetralyl, but bullocks are generally castrated so they don't mate with anything.)

Oxy is a good idea, i got to

oxybutynin, which treats overactive bladders which would be in line with the dialogue (something like 'i didnt see them dead but there was less filth the day after') - which to me sounds pretty perfect, but what is Butyn?? but-in a conversation? no clue how that links. maybe Button? again... idk

oxyimperatorin, which is another coumarin and thus would definetely kill a rat (lol) but again 'imperator'???  Also, it seems pretty niche so i dont think companies would make rat poison out of it (trying to think of whoever put the quote in the game and where they got it lol)

i definetely think if it is one of those, its oxybutynin. very common medication and lines up with the clue. 
still no idea about 'butyn' though

perhaps 'looker' and 'on' are two seperate parts, not just 'onlooker' as in spectator. 

Oxybutynin: the "butynin" could be "butting in," though I don't quite get how that would fit the prompt.  Oxyimperatorin could be using the "peer" sound in "-imperator," but that still leaves the rest of it.

I hate the contrast between the fact that you go to a highschool, with modern day stuff, and then proceed to go to a literal swamp full of goblins. Otherwise- if i were to use my money to solve the world hunger, i'd rather buy this game when it fully releases. Need more blonde characters tho.

Is there a discord?

Are there going to be any updates?

Hey, question about modding, how do you install the mods that you posted here on itch? Is there a way to format the files? I threw all the .PCK's into the game folder with the .EXE and it's not working :( 

(Windows version non-demo)


There's an import button in the mods menu (left in the main menu), you just navigate to your .pck file and open them in there.


Played through all the free content and really enjoyed it definitely will pay for full thing when I can! (I suck at commenting and never do)

how do you beat the goblin level where you unlock esxea? The time limit is too short to beat the level, and no matter how much i try, i cant beat it. and if this is supposed to be a purposeful loss, then its not letting me activate the cutscene


Gotta be fast


i like how your advice is "get gud"😭😭😭


Highly recommend using Esxea's Gang Bang skill.  Also, remember, if one girl runs out of energy, switch to another temporarily.  You're going to be doing that a lot in this game.  If you're still struggling, spend a few days at the brothel to level up your girls.

How long is the demo btw?


The whole main story quest

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This game is so damn good!  The music fits where it should.  The gameplay is good, if not a little unintuitive (I really think a tutorial would be helpful, especially since there are some icons on the "men" side of things I still don't understand, despite completing everything), and a lot of the artwork is really good.

There's only one downside for me, and that's the character portraits.  Specifically, the portraits for Scarlett and Natasha.  In all other artwork, be it the brothel animations or the story CGs, they both look good, but the portraits look strangely off model and maybe a little cartoony, particularly in the faces.  Very minor gripe, though.

One major upside: The Writing!  Oh my goodness, this game is freakin' hilarious.  The post-game beach vacation is one of the funniest moments in any adult game I've ever played.  I actually ended up quoting most of it at my friends in a chat, it was just too good to not share.

This game is totally worth the ten dollars for all of the side-quests.  Be sure to level your girls, though, as that second final boss fight is killer and took me 4 or 5 tries.

I do hope there's more on the way.  After I finished the "elf girls hang out at Natasha's place and see her closet" sidequest, I had nothing left to do and just wanted more.  It just kind of ends at the moment (though there is a credit scene after the first final boss fight), and I look forward to future updates and shenanigans with these characters.

Side Note: Way to go, Ardura for nailing that blindfolded Esxea throw towards the end, "Let's fucking go!"  Also, can someone please tell me how to pronounce Esxea?


Glad you enjoy the game! Her name is pronounced "Ex-E-uh"


This is honestly one of the best NSFW game that I have ever seen, very highly detailed and has plenty of scenes and moments for everyone to enjoy. 

Recommended to everyone at home, looking for a new taste in NSFW games!


sorry quick question, if I purchase the game will I have access to all future versions? thanks!


Yes, you will.

Does buying the game give the same amount of access to new content as it does on the patreon?




Is the game finished or is it still in Early Access? I'm asking cause on Steam it say's its in Early Access.


Main story quest complete. We consider ourselves to be complete once the game has more side quests in it. Expecting to be in Early Access for a few more months.


Alright thank u


Natasha was really pointless. Had interesting magic, but you couldn't think of fun and useful skills for her? Her stats never get high enough to be usable. I was hoping she would power up as the story went on, but no.


Will this ever be free or at least cheaper? With inflation in my country i could feed a family of four for three days with the money i'd spend on it.

Do you give steam keys when someone buys the game here? 

Honestly I would like to see if that even works for me in my country, since steam tries to block some stuff.


I do not, sorry!

(1 edit) (+1)

If there really is a steam version like I keep hearing, please give it USK 18 rating. I would prefer to buy it there. It might be expensive but you might as well get the money back.

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