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theres a strange bug where the dialogue gets stuck at the first message and you have to enable fast talk and disable to continue. it only started happening after the mushroom goblin gangbang

I'll take a look at my code. Does that mean all of the dialogues got stuck going forward after the goblin gangbang? 

And did you try restarting the game to see if it still happens?

To be precise, after the goblin gangbang the first dialogue repeated no matter how many times i clicked. Effectively softlocked. I discovered that on mobile.  Now im on linux and found that fast forwarding dialogue fixed it. But yes, even after the goblin gangbang the first dialogue option repeats, but not indefinitely. it would be weird if the save file changed the game mechanics, but i can share the save file if you'd like

Okay cool cool, I'll take a look. Sure, I'll take your save file. You can use pastebin to get me a link. here ya go.

really enjoying the game btw! the new battle system caught me offguard but its very enjoyable. more complex than the previous one too


Thank you, I'll check this out this weekend. I'm not going to be home today so I'll get back to you soon.  

I'm enjoying the new combat system too, but I know it still needs to be refined. I think I Queen and Suki are good, but the other girls could be touched up.

Is there a 32bit version? 64bit wont open on my laptop and the web version just crashes immediately

I do not have a 32bit version. I'll look through the game engine settings to see if I can do that and get back to you.


Heya! I added a 32-bit download link, please try that out!

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Did not seem to work, might be a different problem with my computer. Thanks so much tho! I'll try some stuff and report back

No problem man, hope you get it resolved!


Just played the new update after not playing for quite some time, so I wanted to give some feedback. First, I love the new ui and the animations are great. The kiss that appears for Queen is perfect. It felt a little bit more difficult in the beginning, but all I had to do was get used to mechanics and level up. My only request for the future would be having costumes change animations, such as including makeup and piercings. Overall very good!


Hey! Thanks for playing, glad you like the new stuff 😊


Can you add more girls and side quest i have ended this game 20 Times i guess and more Outfits 

Or interactive with Our girls like Training without Clients 


Hey! I'm glad you enjoy the game so much.

I will be adding more side quests and more girl NPCs. I am currently working on re-doing Scarlett's whole main story quest so that will be something you can try out in the next update!

And do you know when this Update came out


I'll be finished with it either this week or next week depending on when the pictures are done being drawn.

Is this for Patron people or for free people too



hi plz add fetishes and futanari in next update :) 

P.S. the game is awesome

Thanks! We already have futanari!

i mean poses with clients 


I am so excited for the full game release. I started playing this a few months ago and it quickly became one of my favorite games. Not only is the gameplay fun, but the story is SUPER engaging and interesting.

Thank you thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it ! !


Futa I can turn that one off?

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Yes. There is a magic wand button in the house where you change their outfits. It turns futa mode on and off.


really good game i loved the caracters and the story was actally iteresting unlike a lot of other games like this

Thank you !

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are you going to add more playable characters to the game in the future? i think you should put bonuses say like Yuri sex, girl on girl playable scenes when your not on a quest? it be hot if Suki go scissoring with Queen. like if your in the Brothel with no Clients, you choose Yuri sex and pick the characters. (not to sound lewd) but its an idea.

Hey! No more playable characters, but don't worry there will definitely be bunch of more scenes in the game.


Yoo love your game, when will be the full version be released?


Thank you! I'll be close to finishing this year. Will be on Steam and itch for purchase soon.


oh okay great! goodluck with that, can't wait :)

Is there a way I can pay for the game right now and get the full version when released?


I'm planning on having a paid early access release soon, so I would wait for that! Working on switching game engines right now and I'm almost done. I did not want to do a paid release until I switched engines because there are a lot of people who still experience weird bugs that I'm fixing with this game engine update.


i preffer Monster girls instead bestiality boys but the game is nice


when i started the game it told me to get the paid version to get side quests. how i get the paid version? (yea paying but i didnt see any paid download here)


Go to his patreon and sub, there is a info section above donwloads

What's left out in the free version that's in the Patreon version? I wanna know if it's worth it to get, because I enjoy the free version a lot.

the side quests that aren't in the main story. 

i have a few mods downloaded and their all ver 1 and one is ver 1.4 that doesn't effect anything right

Naw it shouldn't.

A few versions back, the girls had voice lines in battle. In which version did that change and is there a way to go back? I personally preferred the voice lines and the simpler battle animations.


Heya! Working on new battle lines right now because I thought the old ones didn't work very well anymore.

I got stuck on the magic mushrooms Mission and I’m wondering if you can help?


heya Dave, that's a known bug I'm trying to fix right now!! Sorry!

Are there cheats for paid content? 

Is the paid version available on here?

Not yet!

perhaps more customization with your harem, collars what they cal you etc

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best game in animatins,everything is awseme




Deleted 104 days ago

The game is good, but not top ten good.

is it possible to import save file after changing devices?


Yeaaap, it's just text. You can find it in the main menu


it keeps freezing when I’m about to help ‪Exsea‬ I’m the mud pond it maybe the fact that I’m playing free mobile but I’m just double checking 


That's a known bug, trying to get it fixed. Sorry!


Well, just beat the free version main game in about... 6 hours. It was pretty good. Sad we didn't get to see Suki follow thru with Natasha, and we don't see that spell get used on each other.  Lotta great content tho. Hope some stuff gets a little more animated, maybe adding those specialty classes to other body areas as well? Anyways. I rate 5/5 but I wish the main story had a little more in it, maybe just more animation. Keep up the great work!


Thank you very much ! ! !


EmThis game is wonderful my only problem is that I do not understand English (I'm Brazilian) kkkk, well you could create a community to make translations for him, I even tried to translate it only I do not know why I have to mecher files and such, but other than that the game is perfect continue with the project I've I became a fan :)

yes, I wrote this in goole translator so it may be bad to read ksks 


Hi Mayklon. I will have Spanish translations in the future. Will that work for you?

Spanish is already great, just waiting for the translation, I also have to look for some urgent English courses ksksk, but thanks for replying and letting me know about Spanish have a good job :).

Can you add elf, Undead, Mermaid, Half female half plant, wisp, spirit, ghost, succubus character, and statue female character. Also Humanoid animals



hey i just downloaded the newest version and it's not letting me save a profile saying my browser is incompatible and I'm on windows 8 the last version i had done work however


Heya! You using Chrome?


no I downloaded it, and I was on duck duck go when I did


Oh, hmm. That's weird. I'm hoping a lot of these problems go away when I switch to the Godot game engine. Can you please try again once the game is on version 0.13? That's when I'll be done switching from the Phaser engine to the Godot engine.


i certainly will I don’t check in often but I’ll definitely try to keep it in mind! I loved the game so fsr and I’d love to continue more into it

is there a 32-bit version?

The Windows version should support both 32 and 64bit. If that doesn't work for you, then no I don't think it'll work.

Why does lilith switch from being greatx20+ grandma to mom?

hahaha because it's cuter to call her mom than grandma !


I did not see a good place for bug reports, so I'm going to leave one here.  IDK if you care with the announced switch to Godot, but the yellow experience bar underneath the characters does not empty properly. 

  1. If you select a character who has just levelled up (yellow bar almost empty)
  2. Then select a character who is about to level up (yellow bar almost full)
  3. Then go back to the first character, the yellow bar will show the second character's almost full value.

That's literally the only minor bug I've noticed in the game so far.  You're doing better than some life-critical systems I've worked on, I've found worse in's list editor while typing this comment.

Haha thanks! I'll get this sorted out no problem 👍

hi will this game be on gamejolt


Heya! No, it will only be on Steam and itch.

gamejolt is purging all nsfw content on their site, so definitely not

How do I download the paid version of the game on the Itch app? and I used to not have a problem before, but now the app says that the download for this game is on an unsupported sight

You have to get the paid version from the patreon page, not from itch. I don't have a paid version on itch yet. Not sure about that warning message, sorry about that!

awesome game! I will support it when in earn more money^^ btw, how do i find the sidequest in version 0.12.7?


Thanks! You need to download the paid version of the game to access side quests 👍


Done ^^


Thank you!!

how to play the mod of broken princess?


Just want to say I REALLY enjoy this game, I keep coming back to it every time I see a new update, the only problem is I play on IPhone and every time I’ve run into some frustrating bug. That’s alright though and totally understandable for a project like this. my main problem though is the difficulty with sound, I’ve tried every combination of settings I can find, and still nothing, no music or battle sounds or anything. I had full sound in one playthrough and hoping it would work this time is what keeps me coming back.

It’s a great game like I said, I really enjoy it, but please help!


Thank you very much! And yes, iOS devices are known to have trouble loading sound files probably because of some weird Apple developer thing. I have to provide both .ogg and .m4a audio files because iOS can only read .m4a, but even then some people can't hear sound. I end up blaming Apple because I'm doing what is expected and their devices still can't hear it.

I will be transitioning from the Phaser game engine to the Godot game engine, so hopefully your bugs will disappear after the switch! Please be patient for this update as I just announced it today.


very fun visual novel lol id call it an rpg but it was a linear no choices type of story. Still, one of the best I've seen. :)

Thank you!

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