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The game is awesome

But i think its gonna be better if you add little detail like the animation match with the customer i mean furry wity furry animation and the rest of it,but exept that, all fine.

Wait for more update guys

 great job about the game,wait the game queen brothel right, so maybe will be any different game maybe like kinks of brothel or something in future?

Is there a way to use your browser save in windows version. Import save function works only at browser to browser.

The Godot engine for some reason doesn't copy the text to your actual Windows clipboard. Your best bet is to use the cheat menu on the Windows version (Click the gold icon in-game 7 times)

When will be new update?

Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: SharedArrayBuffer is not defined

Your browser may not support SharedArrayBuffers. Make sure you are using Chrome.

So do I just pay $2 and I'll have the side quests?

No, it's $4 on Patreon.

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I get side quests only if i pay on patreon? Or if i pay 4dollar in purchase section?


Patreon as of now. The game will be purchaseable on itch in January 2023.

Thanks for answer that means if i pay in 2023 on i get side quests?



add autosave, please

my pc crashed suddenly and realized I didn't save and lost 1 hour of gameplay


The game autosaves when you go to sleep.

I used to play this game all of the time, especially in the early early versions where there were only the first three/four girls to unlock. After the first "revamp" of the brothel/battle system, I kind of dropped off of the game. Now I don't think I'll be playing it anymore, but it's still an 8/10 would recommend.

can someone give me a save code from when they break into the elf school(u know the one with all the futa stuff)


Click the gold icon in the top left 7 times to open the cheat menu.


GG great game!

Thank you!

Your welcome, I cant wait for the next update (:

When will you unlock the mods for the Android version???

It doesn't work due to a game engine bug, not something I can fix. I'm waiting for them to fix it.

This sucks. Do you wait for a Update from this engine Bug??? 

This is my next purchase for next month

Hey, what happened to the scenes about Suki being a Succubus and defeating that dark guy, sorry, forgot his name. Last time I played those scenes were definetly in the game.

That's coming up in the next update.

I switched game engines and am slowly bringing the story back up to where it was before.


Thank you for your time

it says to have sex with mog 2 times but i dont know how

Buy more bedrooms and wait for him to show up in the brothel. It's random every day.

Hi y'all. I'm looking for feedback on the new brothel management prototype in version 0.15.0. Please leave me a comment if you have any!

does my browser progress save once the game updates?




Hey, just a small suggestion. Is it possible to add autoplay in the brothel, just a small speed adjustment so the animations play according to the playback speed? Sometimes, I just wanna enjoy watching the characters doing it automatically. Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll work on it.


Hello, will arietta ever become a playable brothel character, the love for her is real.

Hahaha she's great. I do not want her to be in the brothel, unfortunately. She's a great side character.

Doesn't mean I won't do horny stuff with her in the future.

i think i got soft locked in the free version, without money to buy the school outfit

did i get bad rng or is the game actually unbeatable in the free version?

Go to the brothel to earn money.


I think it would be great if you added an automated feature for the brothel. Doing the brothel mini game grind for money gets old fast. Maybe make it so that once you do a brothel scene a few times you are given the option to automate or skip?


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Lol. I was thinking the same thing

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Are you going to make mods usable on mobile?


Hey! There's currently a bug in Godot that is preventing me from fixing this. I have an issue request in with their team, hoping someone responds.

I tried to buy the 4$ version on patreon and it wont let me, it says retry payment I don't know why maybe because I'm using debit card?

That's strange. I'd contact Patreon for help, I'm not sure I can help with payment processing.

How many Suki have side and main quests when i buy full game i will full on Suki make more powerful then Queen i wish make her more powerfull. To be honest Suki have a lot of secrets i think would be awsome have secret quests 

Game crashes on windows after clicking option in dialogue , when I start a new game and the dialogue pops up whether you want introduction the game crashes if I click yes same with no , 

Similar with my loaded game I click no in the great orc war game crashes same after clicking yes 

Hey there, I'd love to see your crash logs.

You can find your crash logs if you open the start menu type this: %appdata% then press enter to open the folder.

Then navigate to: Roaming > Godot > app_userdata > Queen's Brothel > logs > godot.txt

In the text file it should show the error, if it is not there then you have to force the game to crash and then go look at the text file.

I'd appreciate the help, if you need help shoot me a message on Discord at DPMaker#3825


When are mods gonna work on mobile?


It's unfortunately the Godot game engine's problem.  I have sent in a request for them to look at this problem, but no responses yet :(


I can’t load into the game it just makes me load forever


Playing on browser or downloaded? Try Chrome.


wep, i can´t still import the save from the previous updat

What happens when you try?


the code of the save doesn´t paste

I think I'm having the same problem.

Every time I try to export a save, it looks like this (which is completely wrong):

I know there's an issue with the browser version not being able to paste data, but your save file is correct and works when I try on Windows.


Played that game years ago. And it really has changed. Over the Years.


also how do you install the mods?


is there a futa mod?


You should probably add a list of keybinds somewhere. I just figured out you can swap your active party member with the number keys and now i'm looking for the other ones like recovery/eating and stuff


Okay! I'll do that.

the latest version of the game wont run on my computer 12.9 works but not 13.4

Hi,  is this the same length as the Patreon version? Thanks 


Main story wise, yes. The Patreon version has side quests.

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Thanks  for the reply  I will back the Patreon then - how much is Futa content please? 


Futa content will be in the next update, not this one. Futa starts when the girls meet Natasha.

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There is a lot of people love futa bro

Deleted 79 days ago

Ngl I wasn’t expecting this to be pretty wholesome. The art and sex scenes were fun of course, but my favorite part of this game would be the dynamic of the group. I love Queen’s motherly like nature and how she looks out for everyone. Suki’s playful personality is great and I love her mother-daughter dynamic with Queen. Exsca was suprisngly adorable, loved how clueless she could be at times and still be friends with everyone, my favorte scene with her vacation. Scarlet was great, love her confidence and how she carries herself. I loved how Ardura was ready to protect her friends at any moment. And Natasha was nice, to be honest I wasn’t really attached to her but she was ok. Anyways this was a great game! Glad I played it :)


Yay!! I'm glad you enjoy my funny little characters!!!

how far in the main story are you and how much longer do u think it will take to finish? 


We're right near the end. I suppose 3 months?

Just out of curiosity will the side quests remain as a paid thing on the full release?


The full release will be the paid version of the game. Will contains side quests and everything.

why dont we see the cum animation on the girls anymore


Still working on finding a good way to put them back in the game.


I played the game in 3 or 4 different version, and each version have different combat style. currently I like the 0.12 better than the 0.13

Any chance for Impregnation to be included?


Heya! No, sorry. I'm not a fan of it so I can't write quests about it 🤐

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