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more games like this about (freeuse) its kinda fun ng

Are you planning to finish the game and give an final version?

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i finished 1 second  before the end with 25 colleague fucked.


I'm thinking if you lose, can you fuck the boss to not be fired. Btw i for no reason checked out the patch notes and saw the cheat notes.

Ps: what's your best strategy?


Great game i enjoy it :)

fun experience

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Wow, this game is good for many reasons. First and foremost, this game support MacOS. It’s so hard to find a game that support MacOS. Second, this is actually quite nice. Art style, gameplays, corny… Good game after all.



dunno if i wanna be her or have her


98.53% :/


Gameplay 4/10. Not much but still there, and pretty easy to get used to.

Graphics 7/10. Love the art style. Super cool:D

Game Design 9/10. Nothing rarely ever stopped working or bugged out, but the buttons you use to respond to emails and stuff feel kinda unfinished in a way i can't explain?

Jerk Off material 10/10. The way your character just casually gives her colleagues a hand job or let's them fuck her pussy is really hot but also kinda funny.

Overall this game is definitely a 13/10:) Some stuff could be added like things that people can access without Patreon subscriptions, but even without that, the game is really good. Can't wait to see more of this game in the future. 

PS: i played this game in the browser first, so if some thing said here is already in the full downloaded game or whatever, i'm sorry, i didn't actually download the game yet.

Hey There DP!
Just had a question, I was a Patreon member back member during the 5.0.0 update, but when I get the free version of this the game doesn't seem to remember that I had access to the slut and goth skins. Is it supposed to be that way or no?

P.S Great work on the game!

Yes, the free version doesn't have any paid assets in the game files so if you were trying to look at those pictures in the free version then it wouldn't work.

Will the game be available to buy here on itch to get access to the patreon content?


When it is fully complete, yes.


Definitely include some girl colleagues!

Also, add threesomes, so we can burn through the 3 and 4 person queues!


Overall: 5/10

Story:  2/10 Little to no story.

Graphics: 5.5/10 Good pictures no animations.

Action : 5/10 Nothing crazy, good time management tho.

P.S Easy to play with one hand!

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hey I have a question what if you do a nude simulation game with naked women doing lesbian or straight sex, including a lesbian  nudist beach simulation or nudist forest simulation can you do that?

also maybe a cheat mode for eternal time, naked mode and custom mode to change hair for barely working.


I haven't played this since the first black and white sketch demo you put out last year. It's a much more complete game now, your roadmap is very enticing, and I'm tempted to slide onto Patreon to try out the new stage and other outfits.

Her casual sluttiness is just fun.


great to see the long awaited gallery is here and that theres a new level


Мне кажется там не хватает настроек внешнего вида . Если вы их добавите это будет более увлекательная игра !


Simple, easy, nice artwork. Definitely room for more such as full animation or increased difficulty and the other outfits have my interest, will certainly be keeping an eye on updates!


Really, an incredible WORK OF ART. I've played many games like this before, but they are nothing compared to this. "A job well done" to the dev.
Suggestions :
1. Addition of random new poses while doing it.
2. Addition of actual animation.

Looking forward for more updates


so I have a few ide

  • Easy, normal, and hard game mode
  • Changing in background depending on the outfit you pick
  • Girl colleagues 
  • A menu (in options) that changes what kinks are available(eg feet,male sub,chasity,cuck, idk?)
  • Customizable hair?

just some suggestions!


I agree with everything u said, especially for the male sub since I'm a switch lol.


Just discovered this, and I love it so much I might have to subscribe to the Patreon.  3 2 ideas for future development: 

- Accumulating cum stains on her outfit/hair/body/etc. the more she fucks, with the area depending on where the guys finish.  (Maybe if she puts clothes back on after finishing, the cum soaks through from the inside... excuse me, I need to go play this again.)

- Let her female co-workers get in on the action. Girls have needs, too!

- Pregnancy level/outfit, with extra lines for the guys commenting on it and/or wondering which of them is the father, because I'm a degenerate like that 


Is the game dead? Ots been months since the last update


Nope! Still working on it.

2 seconds 17 colleagues, took the time to undress before the finish line


Petition to rename the game to Hardly Working




Agreed 😎👍


Would you consider toy integration through intiface/ or something? 

It would be incredible to be able to have vibe settings that are set off by coworkers fucking Candace or cumming. 

I won with 1 minute and 4 seconds.


Won with 1 second left on the clock. Was panicking the entire time.


Little more animation,some pictures or calendar, a clock,a progress bar on when Candace is going to cum so she can cum and not just her colleges, and when more than one college is at her desk she is fucked by more than one at a time ok like a gangbang 


This would be very good with Actual Animations...


When is an upgrade with a new level expected? And when will it be publicly available?


Played it again to rate it and... I really like the added changes. Makes the rush of getting that report done all the better. I do appreciate that the co-workers do comment on what they want before or during the visits. I think the gameplay holds up though hopefully the alternate costumes can be unlocked if the player does well enough for an even tougher challenge and not remain forever exclusive to the patrons. This time, I had 0:32 seconds remaining and I like that your previous attempt's record is saved on the browser (which is how I played it this time). Keep up the great work, I hope more can join in to support this game's development. I think I will give it a 3.5/5 star rating for now.

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I like the game! Art and sounds are great! Candace's design is really pretty! <3
It's funny that James never showed up.  Won on the second try with seven seconds left.

- - - - - -
I want to share my thoughts on what could be improved.

The music at the end could have emphasized the rush.

The emails may have looked like emails to create an immersion. Or there could have been a monitor screen on the left instead of an empty gray space.

There would be something hanging on the empty walls. Calendars, posters, demotivators.  Some funny stuff. Colleagues could pass by or peek out from behind partitions when it gets too noisy.

Maybe timer and progress in percentages are hard to compare and they'd both be better shown with progress bars.


Blizzard Activision workplace experience



Beat with 44 seconds left.


It is nice to see this game getting updates when I first played it it was just nothing but sketches of blue people 😆


Was pretty good back then  too


Failed twice, 99% the second time! Then I crushed it on my third try with 51 seconds left! Fun little game


When is the next big update?

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